Amazon Prime Video Library Manager SoarentComputing 2013 - 2018
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SoarentComputing's Amazon Prime Video Library Manager let's you browse Amazon Prime movies and TV shows in a advertisement-free environment and create a library of your favorite movies and TV shows.  The contents of your library will be accessible in automatically created web pages ('Thumbnail Pages') which you can bookmark for quick access.. Shown here is an example of a collection of videos of the 'Drama' genre. Clicking on any of the thumbnail icons on these web pages will bring you directly to the Amazon page of the selected title (try it out on this example). 
In addition SoarentComputing's Amazon Prime Video Library Manager automatically generates web pages intended to help you navigate to your favorite video genre collections. These pages are referred to as 'Index Pages' and are organized by Amazon's genres. You can then bookmark these pages for quick access to your favorite video collections. Shown here is an example. 
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Startup Screen
Please be our guest and peruse SoarentComputing's database of Amazon Prime video titles.  For unregistered users the access is restricted to G and PG rated movies and TV-G and TV-PG rated TV shows. This database gets updated once a week. The date of the most recent update is shown at the bottom of the screen.
Click the 'Movies' or the  the 'Switch to TV Shows' buttons to switch between 'Movies' and 'TV Shows' or on the Genre 'transport' buttons to browse through the video genres. You may also want to try out  the built-in search capabilities.
Click on 'Register' to open your own account with a 14-day FREE trial period (you will need to register with a valid e-mail address) and to get unrestricted access to our database, or the 'Sign In' button if you already have an account.

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Please register with a user name of your choice and a valid e-mail address. You will receive e-mail with a temporary password which you will need the next time you log in.
Registration Screen
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Once you completed the registeration, you will be brought to this screen which will allow you to start building your Amazon Prime library while you are waiting to receive the registration e-mail from SoarentComputing with your temporary password.
Click the 'My Library' button (shortcut: L) to switch to the Amazon section of the database. Note that you now have unrestricted access to our video database.
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When you sign in for the second time, you will need to enter the temporary password that was sent to the e-mail address you registered with. You can then select your own password.
NOTE: Your password must be AT LEAST six characters long and can contain only numbers and letters.
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When you found a video you would like to add to your library, simply click on its thumbnail (or hit the Enter key when its thumbnail is selected). This will bring up the Title Detail Screen. Simply click the 'Add to My Library'.
Once you added titles to your library the Main Screen will look like this when showing your library content.
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Click the 'Add Item Manually' button of you would like to add a title to your library that either is not showing up in our database of Amazon Prime titles or is only available as PayPerView title. This will bring up this screen. You can now enter the Amazon product ID of that title and then add it to your library by clicking the 'Add To My Library' button.
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Clicking on 'Show Index Page' will bring up a new page with hyperlinks to your Amazon Prime library title collections (shown is an example). We recommend bookmarking this page in your browser for quick access.

Clicking on any of the links in the header row will open the page representing the selected section of your Amazon Prime library (the example shows the 'Movies' section). Underneath are links to those genres in that section that you added titles to. Clicking on any of these links will bring up the thumbnail page of that collection (see below).

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Clicking on 'Show Thumbnail Page' will bring up a new page with a 5-icon-wide thumbnail collection of the titles of the selected genre you have added to your Amazon Prime library (see the example at the top of this page). We recommend bookmarking this page in your browser for quick access.

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Occasionally Amazon moves Amazon Prime titles to the non-prime section (meaning you have to pay to view those titles), and vice versa.

Your Amazon Prime library contains a non-prime section (which we call the 'PayPerView' section). You cannot add any titles directly to that section (other than by using the 'Adding Titles Manually' button). However the Amazon Prime Library Manager automatically updates your library each time you start a session to reflect any changes Amazon might have made to the titles in your library. During the update any titles that are no longer in the Amazon Prime section will be moved to the 'PayPerView' section (and vice versa).

You can access the 'PayPerView' section of each genre in your Amazon Prime library by clicking the 'Show $$ Titles' button.